The Face of "Lovely Things"

“I like to describe my work as a blend of colour, contrast and texture meeting nature, history, and whimsy”, says Patti O’Leary, the artist behind Lovely Things by Luna Claire.

Named for Patti’s young granddaughter in her native Texas, each piece is adorned with her signature designs, using a variety of techniques to make the most of each project. She often draws inspiration from nature and the landscape surrounding her cottage in the magnificent countryside of north County Cork. Trees, flowers and animals are common themes in her images which she applies to luxurious scarves, handmade cushions, home decor and painted furniture.

Patti received a degree in Photographic Arts from Elkins Institute in Dallas, Texas. She later perfected a style of transferring posterised photographs to surfaces. Using that technique, she adds her photos, drawings and text to create many of the silhouettes found in her unique pieces.

Patti also has a line of cards and papercraft, which she calls Moonlight Cottage after her home studio near Fermoy. Framed 3D paper creations and personalised pop-up cards have proven to be very popular with her customers.

Patti has lived in County Cork since 2010 with her husband, Seamus, and their Westie, GaGa.